Sunday, 25 April 2010

JOHNNY DEPP i really love him...

RED MARTENS and me love them :DD

I heard the shadows whispering,
I heard them call my name!
Back so soon? I tucked you in
And now you’re back again.
Please go to bed at once, young man!
Ah, you are such a bother;
Afraid of every thing that moves,
Just like your sorry father!

I heard the shadows whisper more,
They’ve come to take me ‘way
To Fairyland, they said quite clear!
That’ s quite enough, I say,
I ll show you who’s to fear, you mouse!
Take that and that and that!
Ow, mother, please, I’ll go to bed!
Then go, you little brat!

The mother called the Constables,
When her child she couldn’t find;
We ll find ‘im, Madam, to be sure,
We knows that runaway kind.
But twenty years have quickly passed
Since Billy went away
And not a soul on earth has seen
Him to this very day.